Ishizawa Transparent White Gel Cream 50G


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Active ingredient: tranexamic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate Other ingredients: Purified water, concentrated glycerin, 1,3-butylene glycol, squalane, trimethylglycine, 1,2-pentanediol, glycosyl trehalose ? hydrogenated starch digest mixture mixed solution, prune enzyme digest, star fruit leaf extract, Licorice leaf extract, Ghetto leaf extract, Bilberry leaf extract, Artichoke extract, Scutellaria root extract, Thai sole extract, licorice flavonoid, alpinia katsu madai seed extract, anhydrous sodium sulfite, carboxyvinyl polymer, xanthan gum, hydrogenated soybean phospholipid, sodium alginate, water Potassium oxide, phenoxyethanol After cleansing in the morning and the evening, after preparing your skin with lotion (transparent white skin white lotion recommended) etc., please take an appropriate amount and gently rub your face gently.

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