Hadabisei Facial Cream Acne Care 50g


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ascorbic acid 2 glucoside, isopropyl methyl phenol, glycyrrhizin acid 2K other ingredients ... water soluble collagen (F), Scutellaria root extract, hops extract, tartaric acid, oolong tea extract, lemon extract, water, conc. glycerin, cycloalkyl dimethicone, DPG, POE methyl glucoside, hydroxide K, POE hardened castor oil, carboxyvinyl polymer, ethanol, lauric acid POE (20) sorbitan, dimethicone, crosslinked polyether modified silicone mixture, xanthan gum, HEDTA ??P 3Na solution , BG, phenoxyethanol, parabens, fragrance Adult acne medicated cream Acne causing bacteria and do not increase, and prevent acne doesn't work, further darkening, acne scars, acne bumps to prevent settling skin care, moisturizers, medicated creams. Whitening care more effective ingredient of white beauty so well you can.

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