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Prostyle Malca Perfect Care Hair Essence (Moist)

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This hair essence contains oil that helps tame frizz and moisturize the hair to restore manageability. Usable throughout the entire day, it's usable as a base styling in the morning, sunscreen and moisturizing care in the daytime, and as a treatment at night. Contains a blend of 15 kinds of organic beauty hair care component & 15 kinds of amino acids to provide moisture and damage care. It also provides humidity control, static electricity prevention, and heat protection against blow dryers. Contains organic argan oil. Has a gorgeous, fresh white floral fragrance. Silicone-free.
Water, glycerin, octyldodecyl dodecyl myristate, jojoba seed oil, stearyl alcohol, triethylhexanoin, behentrimonium chloride, isostearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, ethanol, hydroxyethylcellulose, glycosyltrehalose, hydrolysed hydrogenated starch, arginian spinosa core Oil, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, sage leaf extract, bilberry fruit extract, orange fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, tea leaf extract, Chinese gourd root extract, cucumber fruit extract, licorice root extract, Japanese apricot root extract, chrysanthemum extract, Sugarcane extract, sugar maple sap, glutamate, leucine, isoleucine, arginine, serine, sodium aspartate, proline, glycine, tyrosine, valine, alanine, Niruaranin, lysine HCL, Histidine HCL, threonine, mate carboxymethyl ethylhexyl, allantoin, taurine, 2Na inosinic acid, 2Na guanylate, polyquaternium -7, BG, methylparaben, perfume
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