Clayge RE Limited Triple Courreges Shampoo & Treatment Set with Melty Balm 500ml+500ml+40g


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Description: Clayge Melty Balm 40g CLAYGE Original scent, pursuing a healing scent that works on the heart. Also pay attention to the skin environment from the viewpoint of healing. Contains 10 types of relaxing plants to approach scalp problems caused by daily external stress such as ultraviolet rays and stress. Focusing on the amount of water and balance inside the hair, it protects the hair from dryness and spread, and adjusts swell and distortion. For smooth and cohesive hair up to the tips. Floral and patchouli scent. How to use Drain the water thoroughly and apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair (center of the damaged part). Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse off. [Balm] Apply an appropriate amount to your hands and apply it to the entire hair.

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