Canmake 3 In1 Eyebrow 02 Ash Brown


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Powder Mica, silica, cetyl ethylhexanoate, talc, sorbitan oleate, dimethicone, hexa (hydroxystearic acid / stearic acid / rosin acid) dipentaerythrityl, iron oxide, titanium oxide, polyperfluoromethylisopropyl ether, hydrogen dimethicone, Perfluorooctyltriethoxysilane, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, hydroxylated Al, panthenol, avocado oil, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, Al chloride Pencil Mole, castor oil, glyceryl stearate, avocado Oil, candelilla wax esters, hydrogenated castor oil, candelilla wax, jojoba seed oil, tocopherol, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, lauroyl lysine, silica, dimethyl Con 3-in-1! All you need to make getting perfect, beautifully defined brows nice and easy Eyebrow Powder & Pencil with Brush

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