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Yoruosoi Gohandemo GOLD 30days

Product Code: 4560264293526
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Incubate supplementary grain extract GF in "even late lunch" and 150% increase in live enzyme.
New materials blending of 8 species
It does not contain gluten contained in wheat etc.
Ri (maltodextrin, cereal fermented extract), rice koji powder, papaya processed product (maltodextrin, papaya extract), isomaltooligosaccharide, yeast peptide, turmeric extract, Ginger extract (ginger extract, dextrin), Kochi ginger powder (ginger ginger powder (ginger ginger), ginger extract (ginger extract), ginger extract , Tosa Ikugaku, Sansei ginger), autumn turmeric powder, golden ginger, gymnema sylvestre extract, virgin coconut oil, yeast (containing chromium), rice bran fermented product (containing GABA), red currant, reduced turmeric extract, black turmeric End of spring, turmeric powder lake, purple turmeric powder, black pepper extract / crystalline cellulose, cyclic oligosaccharide, Ca stearate, silicon dioxide, Iashin, V.B2, V.B1, V.B6, folic acid
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