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  • Rosy Rosa Angelich Slide Cheek Brush

    Hair ... Natural hair (horse hair) pattern ??P AS resin, aluminum carefully selected soft natural hair (horsehair), carefully made up in the specialty place "umano" of the makeup brush. It...
  • Rosy Rosa Blankie Puff L

    Puff ??P ??P ??P Polyester ??P Polyurethane Ribbon ??P Polyester Rosie Rosa Blancy Puff L, is a soft puff with a gentle skin like a blanket. Flexible fit to your...
  • Rosy Rosa Blankie Puff M

    Puff ??P ??P ??P Polyester ??P Polyurethane Ribbon ??P??P??P Polyester Make the powder uniform on your skin with a gentle touch like puff like a blanket. Excellent items that can...
  • Rosy Rosa Cleansing Swab

    absorbent cotton / paper Tapered type To the make up remover for the part where cleansing is soaked in the cotton swab! The other cotton ball has become a dry...
  • Rosy Rosa Coin Mask with Cup

    ultrafine celluloseCarry convenient individually packaged type of coin mask! Will enjoy the pack easily with only the addition of the makeup water to the cup! Less likely to dry even...
  • Rosy Rosa emery Tweezers Slant

    Body ??P ??P ??P stainless steel Cap ??P TPRThin and long hair is easy to pull out! Cutting emery particle grinding edge firmly catches waste hair
  • Rosy Rosa Eye Shadow Brush Set

    Hair ... Natural hair (Umami) axis ??P ??P Wood ??P Aluminum You can transform makeup well! It is a brush for 100% eye shadow of skin friendly natural hair. Subtle...
  • Rosy Rosa eyebrow brush set

    Hair ... Natural hair (Umami) axis ??P ??P Wood ??P Aluminum Makeover can be done well! With a comb is for care ??P ??P ??P It is convenient to arrange...
  • Rosy Rosa Eyebrow Scissors

    Stainless steelexcellent sharpness! Made of rust resistant stainless steel! Easy to use easy to cut one by one the fine hair
  • Rosy Rosa eyelash 5P MV1

    To be updatedTo be updated
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