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  • Pelican Soap Attractive Hip Care Soap

    Soap basis material, water, glycerin, fragrance, Na chloride, BG, EDTA-4Na, aloe seawife juice, peach nucleus, mannan, triclocarban, etidronic acid, peach leaf extract, etidronic acid 4Na, this conspiracy Baktar / honey...
  • Pelican Soap Charcoal Soap (Deitanseki)

    Substrate soap, water, coal, papain, bentonite, kaolin, glycerin, fragrance ??P EDTA 4Na ??P etidronate charcoal soap peat stoneRootful popular original coal cleanser, peat stones. Powdered charcoal helps to wash out...
  • Pelican Soap Family Horse Oil Soap

    Stone Ken foundation, water, palm fatty acid, palm kernel fatty acid, horse oil, glycerin, PEG 90M, EDTA 4Na, chloride Na, etidronate 4Na, etidronate, titanium oxide, iron oxide, perfumemoist, soothing washable...
  • Pelican Soap For Back Body Mist (Medicated)

    Water, BG, pentylene glycol, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, citric acid Na, citric acid, salicylic acid, ascorbyl phosphate Mg, ascorbyl glucoside, honey, hyaluronic acid Acid Na, water soluble collagen, ceramide 2, ubiquinone,...
  • Pelican Soap For Back Soap (Medicated)

    Triclosan, dipotassium glycyrrhizin acid, soap for the green body, edetate tetrasodium tetrahydrate salt, Hidorokishietanjihosuhon vinegar, concentrated glycerin, medicinal carbon, kaolin, bentonite, papain, perfumePrevent pore clogging. Disinfect the skin and prevent...
  • Pelican Soap Putit Berry Soap Ichigo Milk (Strawberry)

    Soap base, water, lauroyl sarcosine Na, perfume, strawberry juice, whey (milk), BG, glycerin, EDTA 4Na, etidronate, titanium oxide, red 227, red 504Fluffy foam mixed with strawberries and milk ingredients of...
  • Pelican Soap Putit Berry Soap Maccha Milk (Sweet Green Tea)

    Stone Ken foundation, water, perfumes, tea leaf, whey (milk), glycerin, tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, cocamidopropyl betaine, BG, EDTA, EDTA 4Na, etidronate, etidronate 4Na, stearic acid PEG 75,...
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