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  • pa Acetone Remover rem02

    AcetoneIt is a more powerful light removal liquid than usual with 100% acetone. It is a dedicated remover that is used to remove nail tips, sculptures etc.
  • pa Buffer tool03

    Nylon, aluminum oxide, EVA foam, polystyrene It is a nail file of coarse grind of the grid. You can arrange for the shape of your favorited nail square / round...
  • pa Crystal Stones chek05

    Czech glassGlitter Clear shine on fingertips with Czech glass
  • pa Crystal Stones chek06

    Czech glassGlitter Clear shine on fingertips with Czech glass
  • pa Cuticle Remover base07

    Water, glycerin, 3Na phosphoric acid, (styrene / vinylpyrrolidone) copolymer, carbomer, EDTA 2NaIs a solvent for softening and sweetening the cuticle skin when processing cuticle skin. It will be easier to...
  • pa Diluted Liquid base06

    Ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, isopropanolDrott and nail smoothly resurrect! The sticky and strong nail colour will return to the smooth condition.
  • pa Enamel Remover rem01

    Acetone, water, butyl acetate, trioctanoin, olive oil, PEG 40 castor oil, oxybenzone 3, perfume, red 504 Nail friendly nail remover with olive oil formula
  • pa Glossy Top coat base04

    Resin, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, ethanol, isopropanol, nitrocellulose, (tosylamide / formaldehyde) resin, acetyl tributyl citrate, sucrose benzoate, oxybenzone 3, camphorShine gloss and prevent colour fading
  • pa Nippers tool21

    S 410 stainless steelIt is convenient when using the nipper after softening the cuticle with a cuticle remover or the like, to cut the extra cuticle skin. It is also...
  • pa Twist Lock Dispenser Pump Bottle tool

    PP, PEIt is a convenient refill pump which comes out a suitable amount of remover with one push. it is a lock type, it will not spill even if it...
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